Here is a collection of Java games that I developed and released to be downloaded directly from these pages.

This list will become longer as long as I have time to dedicate to this hobby.

Balloon Pilot

Driive your baloon to land on the red platform, before time is over, avoiding all dangers and keeping out of hills. All flying objects are mortal enemies: cannon projectiles, bombs dropped by pirate baloons, thunders and so on..

ingame1 ingame2 ingame3


Jumping Sam

This is a new edition, for mobile phones, of an old big success on home computers. You must help Sam escaping from his crazy house where everything has become a danger: self moving TV sets, mice, ghosts and also his wife armed with a rolling pin will chase Sam to knock him out.

ingame1 ingame2 ingame3

Indoor Race

Drive your fast car along the circuit trying and beat your fierce and smart adversary through 10 circuits ispired to the Formula 1 championship. This game is available as a free demo or as an extended version accessible after a small contribution.

indoorrace1 indoorrace2

Risky Rally

In this game you drive a Rally Car through towns and forests, on roads that can present different types of surfaces: asphalt, mud and ice. You must learn the car behaviour over each type of surface to find the right trajectory.


The Magic Cube Simulator

This program is a simulator of the famous Magic Cube, best known as the Rubik's Cube.


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