Drive your baloon to land on the red platform, before time is over, avoiding all dangers and keeping out of hills.

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All flying objects are mortal enemies: cannon projectiles, bombs dropped by pirate baloons, thunders and so on.




You will also face strong air flows along your course.


Keep an eye on speed meter: it must be green for a safe landing. If it becomes red, try to slow down.


At the beginning of stage an arrow shows the approximate direction for the landing platform.


When landed, your score will depend on seconds saved and on your ability to hit the middle of platform. You will be awarded of additional bonus if you start game from the first stage (and you don't "continue").

There are 10 stages available in the demo version and 25 in the extended version for hours of fun.

It runs on the Java Mobile Platform (previously known as j2me) and you can download it from this page.

Requirements and compatible phones

This game does not need special capabilities from your phones. It only needs a screen that is at least 176x200 pixels.

It has been checked on various platforms and emulators, but to be sure it really runs on your device the only way is to give it a try with the free demo version.

Some models based on Symbian platform have problems with music.

On some models, concurrent use of more than one key is not available; if it is the case, the game could be harder to play in some stages.

On old models with low computation power music could be choppy. Of course you can always choose to turn music off.


Keys are very simple:

- use LEFT to accelerate left;

- use RIGHT to accelerate right;

- use UP to accelerate up

To access in-game menu use the GAME A key. GAME A key can be different from one model to another: to check your GAME A key, look at the lower part of the screen on the beginning of each stage:



Current version is 1.0.1 (about 95 KB).

To download simply browse with your phone to this page and click on the jad link below. The complete address is also provided if you want to write it directly on your phone.

Please be warned that when your phone downloads a file it sets up a data connection: check cost with your operator.


Balloon.jad (



After you have tried the Demo Version, if you want the complete game, you can have it with a contribution of 1.5 €. Just click on the "Paypal and Credit Cards Secure Service" down here; please write in the form, at least, your real email address and I'll send you your login informations to access the download area.

Full version download:

Balloon.jad  (



27 September 2009: Ver. 1.0.1 first release as downloadable game

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