In this game you drive a Rally Car through towns and forests, on roads that can present different types of surfaces: asphalt, mud and ice. You must learn the car behaviour over each type of surface to find the right trajectory.

You run against time and you must finish a track to gain access to the following one. The total number of tracks is 10.

Some sample images follow:

intro1 intro2

It runs on the Java Mobile Platform (previously known as j2me) and you can download it for free on your phone.

Requirements and compatible phones

This game does not need special capabilities from your phones. It only needs a screen that is at least 176x200 pixels.

It has been checked on various platforms and emulators, but to be sure it really runs on your device the only way is to give it a try.

Here is a list of model reported to be able to run the game:

- BlackBerry 8300

- BlackBerry 8700

- Fly SX210

- HTC P3400

- LG KE770

- LG KE800

- LG KF750

- Motorola Motozine ZN5

- Motorola Razr V3

- Motorola RAZR V3xx

- Motorola RAZR V6

- Motorola SLVR L7i

- Nokia 3230

- Nokia 3250

- Nokia 3600 slide

- Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

- Nokia 5300

- Nokia 6131

- Nokia 6233

- Nokia 6265

- Nokia 6288

- Nokia 6300

- Nokia 6500s

- Nokia 6600

- Nokia 6630

- Nokia 9300

- Nokia 9300i

- Nokia 9500

- Nokia E50

- Nokia E70

- Nokia N70-1

- Nokia N72

- Nokia N73

- Nokia N95

- O2 Ice

- Samsung i320

- Samsung SGH D900

- Samsung SGH E840

- Samsung SGH i550

- Sony-Ericsson K530i

- Sony-Ericsson K610i

- Sony-Ericsson K700

- Sony-Ericsson K700i

- Sony-Ericsson K750

- Sony-Ericsson K790i

- Sony-Ericsson P990i

- Sony-Ericsson W200i

- Sony-Ericsson W580i

- Sony-Ericsson W700i

- Sony-Ericsson W800i

- Sony-Ericsson W810i

- Sony-Ericsson W880i

- Sony-Ericsson W910i

- Sony-Ericsson Z550i

For the following ones, some users reported errors while others had no problems; so judgement is suspended:

- BlackBerry 8310

- BlackBerry 8330

- BlackBerry Storm 9500

- BlackBerry Storm 9530

- LG KU990

- Motorola RAZR V3a

- Nokia N70

- Samsung Instinct M800

- Samsung SGH J750

- Sony-Ericsson P1i


At the beginning of the game you can choose between the "Championship" mode and the "Beat the best" mode.


Championship mode.  In this mode you must finish a track to gain access to the following one.

Beat the best. In this mode you can choose a track that you have already run, to try to make a new best time.

Along the track you are adviced about bends and narrowings:

warning warning2

To turn use the LEFT and RIGHT keys.

There is no need to accelerate or brake; these actions are automatic.

Along the track you can find crosses, narrowings and obstacles.


You must be careful when you turn since, depending on surface condition, the car could begin to slip sideways:

slip slip2

A limited time is available to reach goal. Intermediate "time up" goals are available for a time extention:


You can save the actual game to continue it in a later time from the actual track.

You also have the option to activate music and vibration.

To access menu use the telephone function keys. Here an example is shown:



Current version is 1.0.1 (about 82 KB).

To download simply browse with your phone to this page and click on the jad link below. The complete address is also provided if you want to write it directly on your phone.

Please be warned that when your phone downloads a file it sets up a data connection: check cost with your operator.

RiskyRally.jad (


If you like this game and want to donate something you can use the following Paypal secure service:



09 January 2009: Ver 1.0.1 fixed sound on some models such as S60 family.

21 December 2008: Ver. 1.0 first release as free game

Development tools

This game has been developed with:

- Netbeans, a very good IDE for Java (and not only) development.

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