This is a new edition, for mobile phones, of an old big success on home computers. You must help Sam escaping from his crazy house where everything has become a danger: self moving TV sets, mice, ghosts and also his wife armed with a rolling pin will chase Sam to knock him out.

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Sam starts from the bottom of the screen and must reach the top jumping through the holes in the floors above...

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.. but has to watch for holes under his feet:


If Sam falls down the bottom floor, a life is lost.

There are 10 stages available in the demo version and 30 in the extended version for hours of fun.

It runs on the Java Mobile Platform (previously known as j2me) and you can download it from this page.

Requirements and compatible phones

This game does not need special capabilities from your phones. It only needs a screen that is at least 176x200 pixels.

It has been checked on various platforms and emulators, but to be sure it really runs on your device the only way is to give it a try with the free demo version.


Keys are very simple:

- use LEFT to walk left;

- use RIGHT to walk right;

- use UP to jump.

SAM can go out from one side of the screen and appear at the opposite side.

You can save the  game to continue it in a later time from the same stage.

To access menu use the telephone function keys. Here an example is shown:



Current version is 1.0 (about 95 KB).

To download simply browse with your phone to this page and click on the jad link below. The complete address is also provided if you want to write it directly on your phone.

Please be warned that when your phone downloads a file it sets up a data connection: check cost with your operator.


JumpingSam.jad (



After you have tried the Demo Version, if you want the complete game, you can have it with a contribution of 1.5 €. Just click on the "Paypal and Credit Cards Secure Service" down here; please write in the form, at least, your real email address and I'll send you your login informations to access the download area.

Full version download:

JumpingSam.jad  (



24 February 2009: Ver. 1.0 first release as downloadable game

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