In this game you drive a fast car along a circuit trying to beat a very smart adversary. Each race is 10 laps long; to get access to the following track you must finish first.

You can always keep an eye on your adversary's position through the small camera view in the bottom of the screen.

Some sample images follow:

intro1 intro2

There are 3 tracks available in the demo version and 10 in the extended version.

It runs on the Java Mobile Platform (previously known as j2me) and you can download it from this page.

Requirements and compatible phones

This game does not need special capabilities from your phones. It only needs a screen that is at least 176x200 pixels.

It has been checked on various platforms and emulators, but to be sure it really runs on your device the only way is to give it a try with the demo version.


At the beginning of the game you can choose between the "Chasing" mode and the "Head to head" mode.


Chasing mode.  In this mode you and your adversary start from two opposite points of the track and each one has its own finish line.

Head to head. Both racers start from the same starting (and finishing) line.

To turn use the LEFT and RIGHT keys.

There is no need to accelerate or brake.

To win the race you should find the best trajectories just as in a real car race.


You can save the actual game to continue it in a later time from the actual track.

You also have the option to activate vibration.

To access menu use the telephone function keys. Here an example is shown:



Current version is 1.0 (about 78 KB).

To download simply browse with your phone to this page and click on the jad link below. The complete address is also provided if you want to write it directly on your phone.

Please be warned that when your phone downloads a file it sets up a data connection: check cost with your operator.


IndoorRace.jad (



Full version is temporarily not available.


31 January 2009: Ver. 1.0 first release as downloadable game

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